Committed to the environment

In Pere Seda, we are fully committed to the environment, to its protection and to the improvement in all the areas of our activity, ranging from the vineyard to the cellar and logistics.

We understand this responsibility from an active perspective and we develop it in different areas of focus:

The rational use of energy and water

Control of our resources and innovation are fundamental to us and, therefore, we potentiate the use of renewable energies by installing photovoltaic panels. 

The sun is a non-polluting, renewable energy source and using it helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. We have installed solar panels in our winery. These panels already account for the production of approximately 20 % of the total energy consumption. Our panels currently generate between 35000 and 40000 kWh/year. We also have a program for reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency, which promotes the minimization of greenhouse gases’ emissions. 

Sustainable and respectful viticulture.

We are engaged, generation after generation, in the preservation of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources.

Pere Seda Winery has always carried out its wine-making activities in a way that is respectful to the environment, using products that are not aggressive to the natural surroundings.

The 54 Ha property of Pere Seda are managed by the integrated protection system, a system that is more respectful to the environment than traditional agriculture is. Moreover, the majority of the farmers that sell grape to Pere Seda have also implemented the aforementioned system in their exploitations, following the advice of Pere Seda.

Waste management

Making an appropriate use of all the elements of recycling.

In Pere Seda, we promote an excellent management of the waste that is generated during the elaboration process and logistics.

The winery has a room that is exclusively dedicated to the selection of disposable materials during the production process, such as glass, cardboard, plastic containers and dangerous residues.

Organic waste management.

Organic residues that are generated during the elaboration of wine, namely the grape skin, are re-used as food for livestock, giving a sustainable use to organic waste.
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