Mossèn Alcover and Gvivm
The combination of warm subtle wood scents with the delicious mature character of grapes grown on old vineyards produces wines aged in silence and repose in our oak barrels. MOSSÈN ALCOVER is made of Callet and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties and GVIVM is made of Merlot and Callet grown on old vineyards. Exceptional wines with a bouquet that expresses the personality and elegance of this signature wine.
Pere Seda Bodegas
C/ Cid Campeador, 22
07500 Manacor, Mallorca
(+34) 971 55 02 19
Delegación Son Oms
Carrer Ca'n Rosselló, nº8
07610 Polígono Son Oms, Mallorca
(+34) 971 60 50 87