The vineyards

Pere Seda began devoting his life to his vineyards over a century ago and since those beginnings to the present day, along with his descendants creating a dream that gave rise to the wineries named after him today.

Since those beginnings to the present day, the effort and perseverance of this enterprising winery have made it possible to keep bringing in the most advanced production and ageing control systems based on a family philosophy that imbues all of its wines with a unique personality.

Designation of origin PLA I LLEVANT

Pla i Llevant is the “Designation of Origin” (DO) of wine in Majorca. The geographical area comprising the DO Pla i Llevant is one of the areas of the island of Mallorca with more wine-making tradition, since the vineyard is cultivated in this area since Roman times.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with an average temperature of 17 ° C, a few slightly cold winters and hot and dry summers. The proximity of the sea influences significantly. The rainfall ranges between 400 and 450 mm per year and the average solar radiation values exceed the 2,800 hours/year.

The soil is formed by limestone rocks that give rise to a chalky subsoil, giving the land a few shades of reddish or whitish and with a slightly alkaline pH. These soil characteristics allow good drainage and this, together with the presence of organic matter and ease of root penetration, does make the cultivation of the vine in very good condition.

The vineyards are located virtually at sea level. The wind Embat brings freshness, humidity and salinity. It conditions the type of viticulture, contributing a significant amount of sales. The high insolation favours the synthesis of phenolic compounds, provides high concentration of aromas and high graduation, red wines with medium-high layer and White wines of clear tonality. The calcareous soils enhance the presence of aromatic compounds. This set of factors makes that wines from Pla i Llevant enjoy a unique personality, marked by an integrated acidity that provides the wine the structure and force that characterized them.
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