Due to the special features of the wine sector, food safety becomes a priority among the activities of PERE SEDA S.L. Said activities start from a natural product, grapes, from which wine is obtained, adding value at all steps of the process until the final product is delivered to the customer.

The Food Safety Policy (ISO 2200) of PERE SEDA S.L. pursues the following strategic points:

Commitment with current legislation and other requisites that apply to the activities carried out by PERE SEDA, S.L., always keeping these requirements updated.

  • To always keep the personnel informed about their rights and responsibilities.
  • Stick to the strictest Professional Ethics when developing our products.
  • Constant improvement of our production systems, by means of new investments and any necessary modernization of our equipment, as well as of our waste treatment procedures always respecting the environment.

Maximize the security of our product by means of:

  1. The acquirement of the raw materials with the highest organoleptic and sanitary quality.
  2. Constant vigilance during all steps of our processes so we can act quickly if any anomaly is detected.
  3. The introduction of proper manufacturing practices by means of constant training for our personnel.
  4. Complete control of the bottling and labelling processes.

Full assurance that all people who may have an impact on food safety know this policy and its goals is achieved thanks to the diffusion and communication made by the Food Safety Manager and to the distribution of instruction documents to all workers.

This Food Safety Policy applies to all activities and processes carried out by PERE SEDA S.L. in its facilities in order to improve the elaboration process, commercialization and distribution of its wines and cavas. These premises define the way PERE SEDA S.L. understands Food Safety.                                                        

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