Catalina Martí
Ursprungsbezeichnung : Pla i Llevant de Mallorca
Varietäten : Premsal, Macabeo, Chardonnay, Giró Ros, Moscatel unfi Perellada
Trinktemperatur : 7 - 9 ºC
Alkoholgehalt : 13% vol.
Präsentation : Kiste mit 6 Flaschen. Bordeaux 0,75 L.
Verkostungshinweis : Straw-coloured. Clean and bright, almost crystalline. Frank and clean on the nose. Fruit (tropical pineapple) and fermentation (banana) varietal aromas with very clean floral hints. Light and refreshing attack, which gives way to a balanced and pleasant passage through the mouth; slightly acidic, giving the wine an elegant freshness. Clean retronasal, which con- firms the nose with hints of stony fruit (apricot, mango) and banana and green apple aromas. Silky finish in the mouth with a long, refreshing aftertaste that invites you to take another sip.
Mariage : Geräuchter Fisch und Meeresfrüchte. Pasteten. Gemüserahmsuppe. Pfannengerichte und Aperitife.

Pere Seda Bodegas
C/ Cid Campeador, 22
07500 Manacor, Mallorca
(+34) 971 55 02 19
Delegación Son Oms
Carrer Ca'n Rosselló, nº8
07610 Polígono Son Oms, Mallorca
(+34) 971 60 50 87