The winery

Over a century ago, Pere Seda began dedicating his life to the vineyard and ever since then, together with his descendants, he started shaping the winery that carries his name today.

From those beginnings until today, the tenacity and perseverance of our entrepreneurial winery have allowed us to continue incorporating the most advanced systems to control the elaboration and aging processes; processes that are always influenced by a family tradition and philosophy that confer every wine a unique personality. In our view, wine is a passion and an artisanal delight which combines the ability to know every wine’s calling with a creative and modern concept, as a result of exploiting the virtues of every grape that is grown on rich calcareous land and a typical mediterranean climate. A great human team crafted in the family’s tradition has made Pere Seda into a guarantee of quality, with a profound acknowledgement that has come in the form of national and international awards. 

The vineyard

Our vineyard is characterised and influenced by insularity and the elevation near sea level typical of the DPO Pla i Llevant, in a typical Mediterranean climate.

The sea breeze known in the island as Embat (sea breeze that blows in the central hours of the day) confers freshness, humidity and salinity.Pere Seda currently controls 100 hectares and owns 54, and most of them are located within the municipalities of Manacor and Felanitx.

We work with several varieties of grapes. Red grapes, like the autochthonous Callet and Mantonegro, as well as Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. And white grape varieties, like the foreign Chardonnay, Moscatel and Macabeo and the autochthonous Premsal and Giró Ros.


Visit our winery

We have opened the doors to our winery to all our customers and people interested in visiting it. The tour and wine tasting takes approximately 90 minutes and during this time we explain our entire production process. Tours are available in different languages. The number of customers we can receive for each visit is limited. Therefore, we recommend that you book your tour ahead of time.

After the tour, you will also get the opportunity to buy some of our products at special rates in the physical shop located inside the winery.  

Our company mission

At Pere Seda, we are fully committed to the preservation of the environment, so our viticulture is sustainable and respectful with the natural surroundings (we use an integrated production system to work our vineyard). Moreover, all our wine elaboration processes are audited and certified, ISO 22000, which guarantees its quality and sustainability. Finally, we decisively support a responsible waste management policy, both for wine production and logistics. 

DPO Pla i Llevant

Our winery and our wines are certified by the Regulatory Council of the DPO Pla i Llevant. This DPO is one of the most important in Majorca, counting with 14 wineries and 79 wine makers, with a total of 472 hectares. It includes most of the southwest of Majorca. The climate is typically Mediterranean, which is characterised by mild temperatures in the winter and strong heat in the summer. The average annual precipitation is 450 mm, and this rain tends to concentrate in autumn and spring.
Pere Seda Bodegas
C/ Cid Campeador, 22
07500 Manacor, Mallorca
(+34) 971 55 02 19
Delegación Son Oms
Carrer Ca'n Rosselló, nº8
07610 Polígono Son Oms, Mallorca
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